Gradient Advanced Technologies provides access to the most sophisticated and accurate asset tracking technology available to show you exactly where your assets and personnel are at any given time, as well as powerful analytical tools to tell you how they got there.

Precise, handspan-accurate live tracking backed by comprehensive data recording and analytical software gives you the tools to improve safety, optimise your workflows and eliminate inefficiency, whatever your work environment.




Real-Time Location tracking

State of the art Quuppa locator technology allows you to track your assets down to an accuracy of 10cm in real time. That means full transparency for all of your assets and personnel, wherever they are.


Comprehensive analytics

Fully featured data recording and analytical software lets you document and analyse location and interaction data for tracked objects over time. Find out where tracked assets have been, where they’re going and where they get stuck.


Workflow optimisation

Cutting edge workflow optimisation software uses real-time location data to eliminate inefficiencies and drive productivity. Track down and smooth out knots and snares in your workflow to reclaim lost value.

High Accuracy Asset Tracking for Any Environment

Indoor or outdoor, wherever your workplace is we can provide a location solution that suits your needs. Using state of the art Quuppa ultra-high accuracy location tracking technology we can provide up-to-the-second location data in 2d or 3d to an accuracy of up to 100mm.


Technology Partners



Quuppa’s proprietary location tracking technology, the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, is a powerful software and hardware platform for novel Location Based Services and Applications.


ThinkIN provides analytics solutions for smart environments to support the delivery of context-aware, personalised services.


Gradient is an Australian provider of business software products and software development services, specialising in solutions for the Automotive Industry.


Frontline is an industry leading specialist in customer interaction and management training with thirty years experience in the retail sector and prestige automotive market.


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